Why the team at SAG is good for business

Talk about high energy, passion and savvy! 


These are the people you want to put in front of your sales team.

Sharon Day


You probably wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t want to change and improve something in your organization.  And that’s what Sharon does.


She changes things for the better.


Sharon has succeeded for over 25 years in the realms of sales, executive coaching and management. Her expertise manifests itself most clearly in her ability to help organizations repeatedly generate new revenues while simultaneously growing business from existing customers.


She has led four sales teams in three different markets to record-breaking performance, and helped create an internal leadership and sales training organization for Clear Channel Communications.


Sharon is a master facilitator, public speaker, and author whose articles and semi-monthly blog, “Revenue Growth Tips and Strategies” have helped put her on the national map as a sales organization expert.


In 2011, Sharon started Sales Activation Group in order to help sales teams that were struggling with business development or turnover. Her straightforward, “let’s get this done and get it done right” attitude has earned her the resume, reputation and results that put Sharon in such high demand.



Let’s get this out of the way. Yes, Bill and Sharon are married.


Bill is a well-known and highly regarded promotions specialist. His marketing acumen and ability to plan, create and execute promotions and contests is second to none. Time and time again, Bill has grown business via his skills in this arena.


He has created and executed promotions and contests for the likes of Verizon, Michelin, Denny’s, Bojangles’, Liberty Mutual, ScanSource, and Hanes. Indeed, Bill was the force behind the single most successful sales promotion in Michelin’s history, generating more than $21 million.


Most of all, Bill gets it. He understands how to design ideas that motivate, that generate excitement and revenues and that provide the right kinds of incentives that matter to your sales force.  


Bill creates things that make a positive difference. And you,  your sales force and your bottom line can benefit from his experience, insights and creativity.

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