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2020 has been quite trying for many of our clients and prospects.  We've received many requests for smaller-scale versions of our sales coaching and training services.  Many shared that while they need advice and help from an experienced professional, they are not in a place yet to invest fully.  We are responding with our most affordable coaching and training opportunities to date.

Small businesses have always held a special place in Sharon's heart.  Being able to be of help to those who have not been able to afford our services in the past is of great importance to her now.  As always, the focus remains on long-term repeatable growth for every client.   Click on this PDF icon to find the best option for you. 


"You’re not in business to stand still, make meager profits and wait around for a competitor to kick you in your bottom line."



We are all about making sure your team is spending their time in the most productive ways.  Some of our core areas of teaching and coaching are:  engaging with the best clients and prospects, generating awareness and interest, positioning your value and telling your story correctly, asking thought-provoking questions and moving others to action.


The beauty of working with us is that we remain objective and are able to point out those things that need to be done more often, less often or differently.  Long-term sustainable improvement and growth are our focus. 


Generating new business is hard.  If it were easy your sellers would be doing more of it.  It requires a strategic approach that is repeatable and can be implemented in bite-size chunks that don’t feel overwhelming. 


We help teams communicate more effectively to generate interest and response more quickly.  We understand the positive impact of effective lead generation.


Our goal is to get your team to stop chasing down the suspected many and focus on those who are qualified to purchase. For you, that translates to better results and more efficient use of resources.  We love the sound of that.


"We have engaged Sharon Day, President of Sales Activation Group, to assist us in this important effort.  I have known Sharon for quite awhile and am confident we will benefit from her knowledge, passion, and commitment to sales improvement."
- Gary Bernardez, Chief Operating Officer, Brundage-Bone Concrete Pumping (BBCP)



Managers struggle.  Teams get off track.  Focus gets fuzzy.  Shift happens.  


That’s where we come in.  We observe, then teach and coach to amp up performance or create a turnaround.


We customize the services we provide to each client and focus on delivering training and coaching that is strategic, repeatable and sustainable.  We are not about implementing new systems; rather we supplement and tweak our client’s current systems so they achieve greater and measurable results.


Experience has proven three things:

  1. there is no one-size-fits-all approach to sales training;

  2. workshops and seminars that are not accompanied by follow-on coaching are not effective long term;

  3. accountability is the foundation of all motivation.  Management must set clear expectations and hold their sales teams accountable to meet them.


Are you looking for more new business?  Have you already invested in sales training but aren’t seeing the ROI?  Got a new or struggling manager?  No worries.  We help you get to the bottom of these and many other issues and craft a strategy to get your team producing at levels they didn’t think possible.  It’s what we love to do!


"To sum up my experience with Sharon Day I would say these things.  She has the ability to empathize and relate in ways that I never would have imagined.  She brings so much management, coaching, and change management experience with her but she has the professionalism and constraint to not force down her own opinions.   She is beyond talented in organic paradigm shift.  I believe it is an awesome gift that sets her apart.  The lessons that I have learned from her will only ensure my success and I am infinitely thankful that I had the opportunity to work with her."
- S Holmes, Team Leader: Arizona, ScanSource


Need to drive engagement?  

Need to rev up your sales results?


You’re in luck.  We’re ready to help


We’ve been doing this successfully for decades and totally understand what works to ramp up sales.   


We’ve got the team to create compelling sales promotions that create interest, excitement and response.  We understand what motivates others to take action.  Whether your goal is to motivate external or internal audiences, our team  can design a sweepstakes, contest or  sales incentive program that that will rev up your results.  


We can help turn on the electricity in your organization.  We can make it fun instead of arduous.  And we can do it quickly, affordably and effectively.  Many of our contests and promotions have produced never-before-seen results.


We’ll get your team producing too!  If that’s not motivating, we don’t know what is.


“Sharon exceeded my expectations – by a LOT!   My team was reeling after the loss of our largest account and I was skeptical.  Sharon worked with us to craft our plan to re-focus, prospect effectively and garner additional business from our existing clients.  Within 2 months we had not only acquired enough business to replace the lost account, we were on target to deliver one of the highest revenue volume months in our history.  And we did it without adding expenses or personnel!”  

– Doug Majors, General Mgr, Hughes Supply

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