Your sellers need these 3 things from you

Obviously, every sales manager wants their team to be successful. The most effective managers I've known provide their sellers the following three things.

Clear expectations

The #2 reason people leave a job is because they aren't sure how they are being measured, whether anyone finds their work to be of value. When expectations are specified in writing, discussed and signed off on, sellers understand how they are being measured and what they need to accomplish each day. Most will work to over-deliver because they like being at the top of the leader board.

Regularly scheduled time that is non-cancellable

Accountability is the foundation of all motivations. Top managers have come to realize that spending one-on-one time with each individual seller creates forward momentum and growth. Sellers who have access to their managers to openly talk about what they encounter in the field are more likely to excel. Progress reports and feedback lead to learning that creates understanding and confidence. Those that will make it are quickly identified and best set up to succeed.

Witness and example

Ride-alongs and role-plays are important learning events for both managers and sellers. When sellers personally witness their manager responding to client demands they are given specific examples of how to handle those situations. Conversely, witnessing their sellers in the field and observing how clients respond to them provides managers with real-world examples for feedback, instruction and future expectations.

Every seller also wants to be successful. Let's re-commit to putting in the time to make sure they can be.

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