Please stop this value-eroding behavior!

There are several small things we do and say that reduce value in the minds of our potential clients, i.e., not being a good listener, constantly running late, etc.

Hands down, though, one of the biggest ways we erode our value is when we send out proposals and quote our rates too soon. Unfortunately, this happens daily.

Two things to remember:

1) not everyone deserves to know your rates

2) not everyone is ready to hear them

Hopefully you believe in the above two statements.

Here are some clues that quoting rates or creating a proposal is likely premature:

When your prospect is unable to articulate their issue;

When they also don't know the impact addressing it or ignoring it will have on them, their business unit and their company long term;

When you've only met with some of the decision-making team;

When they've been working with a competitor and ask you to also bid on a project;

When they call for information and ask you to send a proposal but will not meet with you in person

One more thing to remember:

When you give your rates and ideas, you give away your leverage. They now can take your offer and shop it around or use it to validate continuing with their current vendor. This also happens daily.

Please stop allowing anyone to place anything but the highest value on your personal contributions, service, ideas or products. Stand your ground, ask more questions and get the facts. Share your rates with those who are ready for and deserving of them.

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