Where there's a will

Having the will or being willing to do something will always make you valuable to others. That's because willingness is more important than ability. It's willingness that drives the kind of effort that creates big wins, and big winners.

Here are seven attributes of strong-willed people and some things that may de-motivate them. Those who know me know that I can attest to these things.

hustle - they tend to have a strong need to 'show up' and prove something to themselves and everyone else; they may be the first to arrive and the last to leave; they lose patience with those who don't act in the same manner.

persistence - they don't give up or give in; they find another path and keep moving; nothing gets put off to the side for long, they work toward resolution; they are agitated by procrastinators, especially when that causes delays for them.

confidence - they are determined and they believe they can do anything, they know they can and will make a difference; they become frustrated when issues arise that erode their confidence, i.e. product defects, delayed shipments. If problems persist, they will find work elsewhere.

achievement - these folks accomplish much each day and actually feel badly when they don't; they don't sit around for long and get antsy in meetings; others' lack of productivity makes them a bit crazy and impatient.

persuasion - since they believe they can do most things, they typically have the ability to influence others and affect decision making; hearing 'no' is not an issue, they just keep trying new tacks until they find a fit; this may cause some strife with co-workers who are asked to consider different solutions.

ability to pushback - they are all about a healthy debate, on just about any subject; they stand tall when clients push back on rates, etc., and it they stand up for what they believe, including confidently walking away from a bad deal. They are not a fit in a company that strives to win every piece of business quoted.

an eagerness to learn - attaining expert status is important so when they realize they have more to learn, they seek the learning; while they are usually okay with paying for courses themselves, having help from their company goes a long way towards earning their loyalty.

Doing what needs to be done will always trump being able to do those things. Keep moving. Proactively create something great today.

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