Are you leaving a trail of dust instead of trust?

In sales, confidence and trust go hand in hand. By now you've heard me say two things countless times:

  1. Confidence attracts success. For others to find you/your offer attractive they need to sense you are confident. A bit of swagger is good; arrogance, hesitation and doubt are not.

  2. People buy from people. People they know, like and trust.

Is your sales team always proving their belief in the value of your products and services? If not, your prospects won't believe either and your team leaves behind doubt expressed as put offs ('call me in two weeks, we'll have a decision then').

Is yours the best option? If so, ask for the order. If not, state clearly why it isn't and suggest an alternative. If you're not sure whether it is, say you aren't sure and ask more questions, get additional opinions, etc.

Walking away from bad deals and working hard to close only the right ones will prove to others that:

  • you know your stuff

  • you are primarily concerned about what's best for them

  • you won't push them to purchase something that isn't the best solution

In turn they'll believe that:

  • you have a track record of successfully delivering for others and should be confident

  • you are the kind of person they want to work with

  • they can speak candidly with you in the spirit of learning what's best

  • you can be trusted

Closing a deal too quickly often results in buyer's remorse that's similar to a cloud of dust that blurs their vision.

Helping your clients make the best purchase decision possible is the definition of selling. Clear out the dust left by others. Leave a trail of trust and know long-term results and success.

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