Have you overlooked these facets of diversity?

The antonym of diversity is uniformity. While processes and procedures may need to be standardized, your team should be anything but.

NOTE: this article will not address talent, skills, gender and ethnicity. While important, there is much more to think through when rounding out your team. Rather, we will reference some less-often-thought-of facets of diversity.

Differing opinions:

Is yours a culture that encourages candor? Do you have a team that will share their opinion with and without being asked for it? Are your managers open to listen?

To be able to challenge the status quo without judgment and freely speak up to incent healthy debate are hallmarks of the most successful companies. They are also necessary for change and growth.

Varying experience levels:

When you hire new team members are you seeking others from outside your industry as well? When you look around your office, do you see people with vast experience mentoring those with little to none? To gain new perspectives you need to welcome new experts and non-experts alike. Then you need to let them question why and learn how from your team. Together they'll create new ideas and solve problems allowing you to guarantee your clients uninterrupted fanatical service.

Besides, too many people from the same industry tend to lead to the same results.

Multi-generational perspectives:

For the first time in history companies may have employees spanning four generations. How incredible! If this is the case at your business, are you encouraging cross-generational conversations? Are employees sharing their life stories in an attempt for others to appreciate how their perspectives have been shaped by history, etc.? Are they learning how to help one another broaden their views, think differently? Are the generational differences that arise being talked through and amicably solved? If not, they can be if traditionalists, baby boomers, gen x-ers and millenials spend time getting to know one another.

To create a culture of respect, inclusion, trust and commitment consider the synonyms of diversity: variety, assortment, multiplicity and range. In other words, talent, skills, knowledge, effort, ethnicity, gender, differing opinions, varying experience levels, multi-generational perspectives.

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