Does your team have the chops for this?

This may sound a bit harsh, but in order for you to win the business, all of your competitors have to lose.

In order for them to lose, your team has to be willing and able to win. They have to want the win enough to push back and stand up taller when necessary.

Recently I went on a ride-along with a client's seller. He received a call from a prospect claiming that a competitor was coming in $5/hour less and the only way my client was going to get the order was if they matched the lower rate.

Without missing a beat, the seller said '$5 an hour less? I find that hard to believe. The guys we hire would never accept that low rate; they must only hire rookies. You okay with rookies on your jobsite?'

The prospect didn't answer but kept pushing for him to lower the rate, so he added 'Tell you what, you send me a copy of the other company's proposal showing that lower rate and I'll get back to you. But we won't match $5 an hour less because our rates are more than fair, our guys deserve them and other clients are paying them.'

This seller believes in the quality of their products and services and feels they have some of the best employees in the industry. He also has learned over the years that what a prospect claims isn't necessarily true. The only way to find out is to push back a bit and be willing to walk away from any deal that erodes your value.

He later got the order and his original rates.

If your team struggles to stand tall when they need to we can help. We'll give them the words and responses they would be comfortable using in real-world situations. The increased confidence they will gain is an added benefit for you.

Competition is fierce enough. The last thing you need is your own team chipping away at your bottom line.

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