4 business development disciplines to start this week

Each of my clients and anyone who's ever heard me speak knows I believe that business development is an 'always on' behavior. The savvy sellers keep their eyes open for opportunities everywhere they go and with each new contact they make.

Here are 4 weekly and/or monthly disciplines you can put in to practice to boost your prospecting and lead generation success.

Every week:

  • Phone 5 prospects you've met (or clients you've not done business with in a while) to check in on how they are, both personally and professionally. Be sincere. Don't ask for a meeting or discuss your business. Don't ask them for anything. Just care. Over the course of one year you would positively impact 250 people. They will remember.

  • Dedicate one additional hour to do more prospecting. Make this a non-cancellable appointment and don't allow interruptions. You will be pleasantly surprised at what unfolds over time. A sales team of 5 would add 250 hours of prospecting per year, which would definitely yield new business.

  • Work to stop multi-tasking so you can spend more time listening. While you may feel you are being productive, the exact opposite is actually true. You are skimming the surface on several issues instead of delving deeply enough to learn and uncover solutions. Commit to improving your focus so others come to trust that you are primarily interested in them and what they are dealing with.

Each month:

  • Find one piece of content that your prospects and/or clients would find valuable. Send it to them with a personal note. Consider mailing it in an oversized envelope and including a handwritten note. Yes, this takes a bit of time, but something almost magical happens today when a package arrives that is of interest. This type of 'touch' will set you apart and keep you top-of-mind.

Right now one of your prospects is holding their head in their hands, wondering why they can't figure out how to solve an issue. Practicing these behaviors will help make sure you're the one they call for help.

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