Who are your biggest enemies? Hint: not the competition

Your competitors may be making you nervous, but your two biggest enemies are status quo and your team's beliefs and attitudes.

Why? Because when your buyers resist doing something different from what they've been doing for years, it's difficult to convince them to change. And, if your team believes anything that's negative about your products, service, capabilities, the only way to change their opinion is to prove them wrong.

Both require you to provide insights and proof as to why changing what they currently think is wise and necessary.

To begin, you will need a 'why changing now is so important' story that is compelling, can be acted on immediately and helps them see why continuing with their current beliefs is hurting them.

Here are some things to think through to craft your story:

  • What might your buyer not know about opportunities available to solve their problem?

  • What unconsidered needs can you make them aware of?

  • How might you work with them to think through potential future outcomes and consequences?

  • Is there a way to prove how their current thinking is unsafe or will prevent them from realizing their goals? If so, create a vision for what the new, safe scenario looks like.

To combat status quo you have to prove all of the above with a comparable example of how you provided value and relief to another company wrestling with change.

To combat your team's negative beliefs and attitudes you have to fix any internal issues and prove that you are truly committed to doing what is necessary to be the premier provider in your market.

When you do the above your enemies will become evangelists and you will carve out a niche for yourself that your competitors can't occupy.

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