Why being resourceful is so important today

Some synonyms for resourcefulness are ingenuity, wits, imagination, inventiveness, creativity and originality. Faced with daily decisions and dilemmas our clients rely on us to help them either find a way or create a new way to solve issues.

A vendor or supplier who is resourceful is one who becomes extremely valued.

Each synonym above is an innate talent that some on your team may not possess. Even so, there are some things you can do to improve resourcefulness:

  • Hire individuals with diverse talents, skills, knowledge and experience

  • When necessary, outsource projects to those who are experts

  • Network regularly so you get to know people and businesses to connect with one another; also network within your client's team to be sure you know as many people there as possible and understand their roles

  • Schedule frequent brainstorm sessions with your team, including members from all departments so you have the broadest perspective possible

  • Involve your clients in your development process; let them see your team in action behind the scenes

  • Seek candid feedback from your clients; follow through with them on what you did about/with that input

  • Whenever your team bubbles up an issue, ask them to think of two potential solutions to discuss at the same time

Here's why this is so darned important:

The antonym for resourcefulness is incapable. Obviously, when clients feel we are not capable of doing something they won't pay us to do it!

'It's not resources, but resourcefulness that ultimately makes the difference.'

- Tony Robbins

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