Do you have Adele's level of integrity?

I have been a raving fan of Adele since first hearing her voice. During the Grammy Awards she revealed such depth of character that I am now an equally huge fan of her as the person she is.

As she was paying tribute to the late George Michael, she had an issue with her mic that prevented her from performing with confidence. Here are a few highly valued character traits she demonstrated when that happened.

Authenticity and honesty

She immediately stopped singing and asked for the chance to please start over so she could honor him correctly. Always live out loud what you value, no matter what.

Respecting and honoring others' contributions

George Michael was a gifted songwriter, singer and performer. The only way to truly honor his memory would be to perform her re-make of his song as flawlessly as he performed the original. Every one of us is gifted and talented; if every employee embraced that reality and respected their co-workers we could eliminate most personnel issues.

Sincerely apologizing

Everyone watching could see she was devastated by her error. Wrapped up in the emotion of the moment, she swore and proved she is human, after all. Her apology was heartfelt, and she claimed responsibility stating she shouldn't have done that.

When we 'own' our actions and outcomes, others forgive our wrongdoings.


To show their support of her character and talent, the audience erupted with applause at the end of her performance. It was visibly apparent that Adele didn't believe she deserved it. The tears in her eyes and the look of remorse on her face painted a picture of the internal sorrow she was dealing with. That was not a performance of hers; it was a performance to honor him. True humility is found in our outward display of how we focus on others first.

She went on to win both Best Record of the Year (Hello) and Best Album of the Year (25) proving that when you always put your best self forward and do great work for the benefit of others, you win big.

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