Why is this so hard?

The key word in this week's subject line is 'why'. Simply put, your 'why' has to be greater than your 'what' so you can stay on track to reach your goals.

Here are some examples of situations when we've all seen this play out.

When sellers are given annual budgets that were determined by management with little or no input from them. Imposing your 'why' on someone else often makes the 'what' hard for them to swallow. Top producers layer their own 'why' on top of their company's; this allows them to persevere and deliver.

At gyms during the months of January and February when New Year's resolutions cause membership spikes. Come March, parking spaces open back up and classes thin out because those new members realize how much hard work goes in to getting in shape and many back off or stop. Those with a support network stay in the game even when it takes a long time to realize results.

In last night's big game, Tom Brady and the team kept focused on their 'why'. Their 'what' was definitely an uphill climb in the second half that consisted of several plays, hits and tackles. Keeping his 'why' greater than his 'what' allowed him to lead the team to a first-ever overtime and a 5th Super Bowl victory.

If what you need to do is hard, re-think why you are doing it in the first place. If your 'why' isn't personally important, disinterest in the 'what' and burnout will quickly take you off track.

Here's to you having the mental toughness it requires to keep your 'why' greater than your 'what'.

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