16, 17 and 18

On New Year's Eve Roger Federer tweeted the following:

Catch ya later 16...

See ya soon 17...

Going for 18

This past weekend he secured his 18th Grand Slam title by winning The Australian Open. He achieved a 2nd milestone as well, 100+ total matches played at The Australian Open over a span of 20 years. His internal speak and comments during both his victory speech and post-event interview were inspiring.

What he told himself: (with some paraphrasing by me)

This was his comeback weekend. He would prove to himself and the world that injuries would not keep him down. He intended to give everything he had to the game he loves and enjoy every minute of play he was given.

Imagine if we began each day with that mindset and conviction.

Relax, stay calm and play the ball not the opponent.

Focus and persistence are key to winning anything. Not getting rattled while under extreme pressure is a coveted skill.

His victory speech:

These past six months have been very different for me, I wasn't sure if I would even make it here. I would like to congratulate Rafa (Rafael Nadal) on his amazing comeback; neither of us thought we'd be in the finals when we saw each other five months ago.

Both players had been plagued with injuries, but you'd never know it based on how they played that final match. What drive and determination! Being acutely aware of what others' have endured and are capable of doing keeps us humble and appreciative.

'In tennis there are no draws. But if there were I'd be very happy to accept the draw tonight and share that with Rafa. Rafa,I wish you continued success this year, stay on the tour, please keep playing Rafa, thanks so much for everything you do.'

In his post-event interview he further acknowledged Rafa's amazing talent, stating that past losses to him were devastating at the time but he now appreciates how having Rafa as an opponent has made him better and that the sport of tennis needs Rafa.

How many of us so graciously share our space with our competitors?

Let's all strive to embrace an abundance mentality and be such class acts.

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