Are things snowballing already?

You got here, can you get there?

Time is flying; January is already half over! If you have had the niggling doubt already about whether you will make your January goal, it's time to take stock before issues prevail and snowball.

If you:

  • planned for an initial downturn due to changes you've implemented keep a close eye on how your progress compares to your assumptions. Like the nursery rhyme stated, Jack be nimble, Jack be quick to tweak and adjust.

  • ended last year wondering whether your team was the best team, stop waiting to act and make the necessary corrections now. Long-term thinking must prevail.

  • were frustrated over not having the right tools to do your job well last year and won't have them this year either, you should discern whether this is the role and company for you.

  • lost your largest account and were caught off guard with a weak pipeline, realize that there are a myriad of issues involved that need your immediate attention. You may need the objectivity of a third party. Secure whatever help you need now.

Here's to 2017 being one of your best years ever!

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