Free snowboarding lessons for salespeople

Over the weekend I watched several short videos of two guys snowboarding. These are not just any two guys. They are sponsored professionals who travel the world in search of the most challenging trails.

For them snowboarding at a resort is for sissies. You can ride a chair lift; there are safety markers to guide you; and, emergency patrol staff on hand in case of injury. Too easy. Too crowded with amateurs.

Sellers, does this sound familiar? Are you in the middle of a pack who are all chasing the low-hanging fruit? If so, check out these snowboarding lessons.

  1. The really big wins are the most difficult to navigate There are no chair lifts in the back country. You can get dropped in by helicopter, you can parachute in or you can hike. Either way you take a big risk and exert extraordinary effort. All before you get started. Preparation and planning are the foundation for confidence. Sadly, they can also lead to procrastination and excuse making. Choose to be bold. Stand tall and take your next step now.

  2. There are no marked trails So, there are no indicators of snow depth, rock outcroppings, etc. If you want to experience the big win, you will take risks and tackle your fears head on. You will likely have setbacks and doubts. So what. Keep moving. Know that most others will never take action; and, so, they leave the spoils of the big victories to us.

  3. Willingness to practice your craft in challenging circumstances will set you apart Which would you rather be this year, the person everyone else wishes they could be, or the one who pretty much blends in? What you are willing to do will always define what you are able to do.

How willing are you to become wildly successful in 2017? Prove it.

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