Ready and willing?

One thing we all know is that we are in complete control of our success. The trick is to move from knowing to achieving. Unfortunately, what lies in the middle is taking action, initiating movement, aka, working hard.

To 'get it' intellectually is quite different from being willing to do whatever it takes. Here are examples of two sellers I know which highlight why one generates way more new business than the other.

Seller A says they understand completely that they need to diversify their portfolio, that it's dangerous to have 70%+ of their business come from one account. They agreed to a plan for new business development, identifying companies to focus on. Their result: the large client is down 30%; three months went by and they hadn't reached out to any of the prospects they selected.

Why? They are comfortable and so unwilling to do the hard work they claim to know needs to be done. Since they aren't held accountable they aren't likely to change. Their future results will fluctuate and remain unpredictable.

In contrast, Seller B has developed a daily and weekly prospect outreach plan, they follow-up. They also take note of what specifically is working, where they are getting hung up, and tweak their approach. Their result: regular conversations with key business owners and stakeholders that result in face-to-face meetings.

Why? They are not comfortable. They are wired to perform and achieve more each year than they did in previous years. Therefore they are willing to do whatever it takes to better their current earnings, lifestyle, etc. Designed to reward new business development, their pay structure is set up to keep them motivated.

What does success look like for you, and how much do you really want it?

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