What you accept is what you can expect

If you want to finish 2016 with a bang, the December sales philosophy you accept will determine what you can expect.

What does your sales team believe?

a) December is always one of our slowest months, after the 15th we pretty much shut down; or,

b) December is a great month to capture year-end business and set up appointments for 1st quarter, we can reach customers through the 22nd or 23rd.

You either have 10 or 15 days left to impact top line revenues. You know how much more business you need to write, divide that by the number of days left and tell your team the value of each remaining day. Will that number be a surprise?

In the b2b world it's the sellers who initiate contact to create interest and demand. Set expectations for what they can and should be accomplishing during this holiday season.

As black Friday goes, overall holiday sales go. As your year-end expectations go, your year-end sales accomplishments go.

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