How retailers get b2b'ers thinking

Personally I do not take part in black Friday. The thought of shopping in that environment, no matter how great the deal, makes me cringe. But there are some things that this past weekend of frenzied retailing can lead b2b clients to reflect on.

What do your employees truly value about the holidays? As a company, how do you demonstrate that you value what they value?

Long-term which is better for morale and productivity, to be open or closed the day after Thanksgiving and/or the week between Christmas and New Year's Day? Why? What does 'productivity' look like to you?

Which sales philosophy do you accept and, therefore, expect, a) December is always one of our slowest months, after the 15th we pretty much shut down; or, b) December is a great month to capture year-end business and set up appointments for 1st quarter, we can reach customers up till the 22nd or 23rd?

Which customers expect you to be open and doing business as usual during the holidays, your largest or smallest? How much business would you gain by being open? How much business would you really lose by being closed?

In the b2b world sellers initiate contact to create interest and demand. Set expectations for what they can and should be accomplishing during this holiday season. Then reward those accomplishments with things of value to them.

As black Friday goes, overall holiday sales go. As your year-end expectations go, your year-end sales accomplishments go.

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