4 performance issues you can't ignore

Whenever businesses have a performance gap one or more of these issues are present. If any of these apply to you the good news is they can all be fixed.

Talent isn't properly aligned with their role

There's been tons said about this and basically we all understand the importance of having the right people doing the right things. If you wonder whether someone is in the right role, they probably should be doing something else. If so, you'll both benefit by letting them.

The sales team isn't following up

For you to stay in the negotiation, your sellers need to follow up on leads and opportunities. Your goal is to always have additional conversation(s) before the final decision is made. To increase your odds of winning, follow up.

Management downplays how negative the impact really is

Every client expects 1) quality, 2) delivery, and 3) fair pricing, in that order.

When quality issues and missed delivery dates persist the market finds out.

Your sales team receives the complaints and they, too, begin to doubt.

You begin to lose credibility, respect and trust as your expertise is questioned.

A great relationship might get you a second chance, but not likely a third.

Eliminate production issues so you can hold on to and attract clients and sellers.

There are internal saboteurs

While that sounds awful these people are usually unaware of how their actions hurt the company. Here are three costly examples:

  1. When management asks the team to do something new, but then tells one or two they don't have to worry about it. This results in the team not taking the task, or the manager, seriously.

  2. When the team isn't held accountable. Long-term the result is always sub par to average performance and a team that stops caring.

  3. When a manager never accepts responsibility and is permitted to continue in the role. The unwarranted tolerance results in the team believing upper management is weak and unfit to lead.

Make these people aware of how their actions block your growth. Those who change their behaviors will become evangelists for your brand.

Here's to you succeeding beyond your greatest expectations in 2017.

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