What’s your compelling evidence?

There are three basic questions you need to answer in order to get prospects to engage in conversation.

Why change?

What are the reasons that your ideal target clients should change their current supplier? Identify every reason you can and list the evidence you have to prove the case for change is real and why they should be compelled to listen. These might include survey results, government data, research findings or articles from other credible sources. Share your views of this information and why you agree.

Why now?

Why should they change now instead of waiting? Are there trends or lessons learned that you could share as to the importance of acting now. What might happen and what might they gain by acting now? What might they lose out on if they postpone changing?

Why you?

You want to provide evidence that you are the right person, company, product, service to solve their problems. HINT: the # of years you’ve been in service or the advanced degrees held by your co-workers are not evidence. Speak to your results. Share third-party stories and testimonials whenever possible.

Once you have these answers, compile a list of all the content you have that contains proof and/or backup. Create any new content you may need so you have an arsenal of prospecting materials in multiple formats to draw from. Share your content frequently to generate interest and make new contacts.

This Why Change Worksheet contains additional questions and will help you organize your answers so you can develop your value conversation.

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