Why ‘the extra mile’ is a lonely place

Several years ago during my annual review my manager told me that he appreciated that I always ‘went the extra mile’ for our clients. I asked him what he meant by that and all of the examples he shared didn’t feel ‘extra’ to me.

In that moment I thought of my dad and something he once shared that he felt

strongly about. He said, ‘if you always try to do 10% more than you’re asked to do,

soon enough delivering 110% will be your normal. 10% more is really not that

much more but it will be way more than most others will ever achieve. That extra

10% will make you invaluable and put you ahead of 99% of the rest of the world.’

Since my dad was spot on with all of his advice, I quickly embraced his logic. So, to

me, the extra mile is anything 111%+. My dad was right about how few people

would be around past 100%, making it a place filled with opportunities; and, luck

has nothing to do with who can be found there.

What might 10% more look like for you? Here are some thoughts:

Don’t wait to be asked, offer.

Help a client make a delivery on time.

Do some extra research. Share it with everyone.

Be the example. Set the pace. Prove how much can be done well in one day.

Since the extra mile is so scarcely populated, doesn’t it make sense that by going

there you would stand out as different and be more appreciated? Sounds like

success to me!

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