Might you be too responsive?

Early in my sales career I learned a valuable lesson. A client phoned to ask for information on a specific product and I quickly set up a meeting with him to review the details. Then I gathered all the printed materials and set off for his offices.

At the end of the meeting the client shared that he was disappointed that only standard options were presented, there was nothing customized to his business.

In my haste to get him the information he requested I neglected to take enough time to consider which options would truly be best for his business.

Lesson learned: don't be too quick to respond; your clients deserve your best thoughts, advice and direction. To give them anything less is to cheat them.

Here are a few other ways that we might be too responsive:

  • Always answering a ringing phone Careful that you aren't sending the setting the wrong expectations; a) with your staff as they come to learn that you allow the phone to distract you from conversations with them; b) with clients who come to think that no matter when they call you will pick up. This can lead to an unhealthy dependency and a negative perception that you don't have much business.

  • Immediately responding to emails There are times when a question posed via an email can be quickly answered and that's okay. However, if you are always checking emails and sending responses to every one you get, you may appear: a) desperate for business, b) to have too much time on your hands; c) too self-focused; or, d) unable to think things through.

  • Forwarding emails to others before fully considering the content This happens all the time. Is what you are forwarding truly worth sharing; and, if so, with whom? Every email you send lands in someone's inbox, and, too often, they wish it hadn't. Which is the better way to help, to agree to forward a friend's info to your team, or to guard your team's best interests at all times?

Be responsive, just not too responsive.

What else do you think should be added to this list?

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