What did you think they would think?

This is an important question for each of us to consider. Daily demands can make us too internally focused causing priorities to shift away from what's important to our clients. It's when they sense that disconnect that they begin to think about taking their business elsewhere.

Clients have minimum expectations of how we will interact with and service them. Once we've decided to accept their business we need to meet their needs.

Most clients believe we will:

  • Conduct business in an ethical manner with honesty and integrity.

  • Assume responsibility, falling on the sword rather than blaming, justifying, denying

  • Be responsive, promptly getting back to them with answers, even when the answer isn't what they want to hear

  • Meet deadlines we've agreed to so they can meet theirs

  • Deliver a quality product the first time

  • Communicate and provide candid feedback, if something is important think who should know about it and tell them; sugar coating isn't effective, candor is

  • Respect their time, arriving early for meetings, sticking to agendas and being aware of workloads

If some of these expectations are harder to consistently meet than others, get your team together to brainstorm solutions. When we can't provide clients these bare necessities, they'll seek someone else who can.

In Wednesday's Activate Series we're focusing on Value: Client perceptions vs reality and how to increase your value as a salesperson. Want to join us? We have room for a few more, just give me a call and you can be my guest.

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