Is this a test?

Selling is a series of tests and challenges. Prospective clients ask questions, we provide answers. Clients bring issues and challenges to our attention, we respond.

Sounds easy enough, right? Yes, if we only consider the questions they ask and not those they haven't asked yet. This is where sales savvy and excellent communication skills separate the pros from the amateurs.

Top-tier sellers become viewed as peers, not vendors. They believe in the value of their products and services and stand their ground on pricing. They can do so because they've uncovered everything the client considers important when making a purchase. They've asked multiple questions upfront, even the tough ones that their competitors shy away from.

They bring up and diffuse pricing questions in their first conversation enabling them to push back professionally when faced with requests to lower price. They ace the 'We need you to lower your pricing' test.

Hey, anyone can add to their pipeline by adding 5-10% margins and sending multiple quotes via e-mail. Any seller can lower their rates to close a deal. Neither of these behaviors is considered professional selling.

If you claim to provide a quality product yet do so at reduced rates, you negate value and earn a lack of respect and diminishing returns. No business can withstand that.

Your clients will test you again. You already know what the questions will be. You know what the right answers should be. If you are losing opportunities you believe you should be winning, you need to change your questions and have better answers.

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