Suffering from blind spots?

A blind spot is the area where a person's view is obstructed, as while driving, especially when changing lanes. In business there are several blind spots that when ignored negatively affect the bottom line. Are you or your team experiencing any of these?

Allowing distractions

When we find ourselves distracted, it's because we allowed something to distract us. It takes an average of 24 minutes to get back on track; if you're distracted 3 times each day you are losing more than one hour. Be aware of when you allow distractions and with whom.

Enabling vs. empowering

An owner shared that they allot two hours each day for their team to ask 'got a minute?' questions (distracting and enabling). It would be best to instruct the team to not interrupt them during those same two hours so they figure things out for themselves (empowering).

Doing vs executing

This is a common lament among business executives. None of us can afford to lose focus of the things we've identified as most important. Example: A manager running multiple departments due to recent turnover. Job One is to find new hires (strengthening the team) not to put out daily small fires (minimizing effectiveness).

Make sure you're conducting business, not busy-ness.

Hoping and missing

Sales reps can get so excited about one opportunity that they actually miss others. Many times in conversation clients provide clues that they haven't even thought through. Make sure your team is capable of identifying all the help your clients seek. Leaving monies on the table is only okay when you've decided that it's best to do so.

Compromising and cutting

We are all under pressure to produce results. At times we may be tempted to make a deal to win business. Careful. There's no turning back from compromise. Don't be so enticed by the money and making goal that you lessen the value of your core product. Doing so is always a recipe for long-term underperformance.

Be diligent about being observant so you aren't blind-sided by misinterpreted clues.

Speaking of clues:

One of my new favorite shows is The Blind Spot on NBC. The plot: a female amnesiac appears in Times Square, naked yet completely covered in tattoos. One is FBI agent Kurt Weller's name, so his team is tasked with figuring out who she is and the significance behind each tattoo. There are lots of plot twists and turns each week to keep you guessing. Thankfully this is make-believe!

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