Why should I care?


Your clients and prospects ask this question in several forms such as 'How will you create value for me?'; and, 'Who has the ideas and expertise to help us get the results we need now?'

The sellers that can demonstrate their ability to think like a businessperson in solving their client's problems are the ones that consistently produce results.

These sellers understand the capabilities of their business; what's unique about their prospective clients business; and, enough about the industry overall to know what choices clients face and what trade-offs they may consider making.

They enter into each client interaction armed with information that allows them to have productive dialogue. They are ready to make recommendations and discuss insights. They know early on when an opportunity isn't a fit. When it is a fit they ask for the order. They win more ideal opportunities than they lose.

Hopefully you envisioned your team as you read this. If not, we can help with The Activate Series. Join us at any time, sessions are Wednesdays from 4-5:30p. Here's the syllabus. If you have questions please call 864.451.7676.


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