Hey, do I know you?

While there have been many changes in the world of business over the past several years, some important truths remain. One of those truths is that businesses succeed or fail through the efforts of their people.

Sellers, to create and win opportunities you must be known. ‘You’ is the key word in that sentence. You are responsible for uncovering new opportunities with your current clients and developing new clients.

Here are critical behaviors you must perform consistently to grow your business:

  • Initiate contact

  • Persevere until contact is made (8+ meaningful touches)

  • Be relevant, compelling and persuasive

  • Provide value and share insights

  • Turn information into impact

  • Ask for the order

  • Understand why you won or lost

  • Nurture relationships

  • Repeat

Your ideal clients and prospects will eventually ask ‘Who do we know that can help us with this issue?’ Will your name come to mind?

Check out the Syllabus for The Activate Series. NOTE: these are not seminars or workshops. We’ll get your team serious about B2B selling and provide follow-on coaching for them and feedback for you.

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