Are you helping or hurting yourself?

Money, paranoia and fears, oh my!

How many of these conversations will you need to have this week: talk about price increases, ask someone for an introduction to a key stakeholder, advise a client of a problem knowing it could cost you the business?

How difficult these seem and uncomfortable they make you feel is 100% up to you. How much will you let past experiences, your personal buying patters, others’ opinions and/or what you believe influence your emotions?

Wait a minute. Emotions? Yes. 9 times out of 10 what you are anxious about is not grounded in reality. This is where your intellect must take charge. Fear and paranoia cannot stop us from having the conversations we need to have in order to move business forward. No more avoidance and procrastination!

Your dream clients are already sick of dealing with employees and vendors who hesitate to have the tougher conversations. They need you to step up and take charge, leading them to understand potential opportunities and pitfalls. In other words they need to see your courage and confidence in action every time they interact with you.

Ask for the commitments you need. Take chances and press others to make the changes they need to make. Step out on a limb and share a big idea. Boldly state your higher prices and lead your prospects to believe it’s worth it to them to pay more for your quality and value.

What others come to believe about you is also 100% up to you. Be the seller your clients define using words like trusted, partner, expert, advisor, big idea person, etc.

If this has proven to be easier said than done for you, help yourself by joining The Activate Series. Each week our focus will be on equipping sellers so they exude confidence and know greater success. Come grow with us.

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