3 Big Assets Sellers Have Yet Often Misuse

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the issues my prospects and clients share and why the same themes keep recurring. What I’ve found is that at the heart of what is working well for some and not for others are three assets available to all sellers: your time, your mindset and self-talk, and your network.

Those who maximize all three consistently outperform their teammates. Let’s take a look at each of these through some specific examples.

Your Time

Yes, this has to do with time management, but on a deeper level that relates more to what these sellers choose to focus on and how they prioritize their work and personal lives. Understanding their core strengths and energy levels also plays a part in this. One sales candidate shared that she attributes her success generating new business to one thing, she schedules her prospecting. Each day she sets aside one hour in the morning and one in the afternoon. These appointments are non-cancellable and she doesn’t allow distractions. One-hour blocks make it easy for her to work around meetings and it goes fast so she doesn’t burn out on the activity. Focusing and planning her time has resulted in her having a proven, repeatable and successful system.

For those of you who love to make lists, here’s a tip. Select 4-5 items and make those the core things you’ll focus and work on. Put the rest of the items aside. By focusing, you’ll know a greater sense of accomplishment and less frustration in not having to look at a long list of things you didn’t get to.

Your Mindset and self-talk

These sellers have a keen sense of self. They have honed the skill of recognizing when their self-talk is turning negative and they stop themselves and reframe their thinking. This is huge and has a powerful positive impact on their performance. They have pushed themselves through their fears to realize how ridiculous those were to begin with. One client’s new seller shared that they felt their rates were ‘a bit pricey’. Uh-oh! Until they change their mindset to ‘the work we provide is worth twice what we charge’ they will struggle and leave monies on the table. Top performers don’t over-think, pre-judge or pre-imagine, rather they stay positive while performing necessary behaviors.

Another advantage these sellers have is they minimize contact with negative people and refuse to work in negative environments or with overbearing clients. They don’t’ compromise on this issue.

Your Network

We all know lots of people on varying levels. The top-tier sellers regularly reach out and provide value to their network. They keep a list of the 25 key business relationships they need to cultivate in order to quadruple their business. These are their ideal target clients. Because these sellers have provided value, the people in their network help them gain introductions to these companies. No man or woman achieves success on his or her own. Getting to the top requires having a network of varied talents and strengths for support; one of relationships based on securing mutually beneficial outcomes. Top guns realize the value of this asset. They leverage their network.

While these things seem simple enough, for many sellers they prove hard to do. I’ve come to believe that the 2nd asset, your mindset and self-talk, are the reason. Once you start down the path of negativity, self-doubt, listening to your fears, giving in to how tired you feel, etc, you will find yourself in a tough spot. You will likely make decisions that involve poor use of your time. You may procrastinate about reaching out to others. It requires a great deal of energy to continually push yourself, especially when you’re off your game, but push you must so be positive.

One step at a time keep moving and doing the right things for the right people and you will succeed.

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