Is there a George Costanza on your team?

Who do you think you’re kidding?

Remember the character of George Costanza on the hit TV comedy ‘Seinfeld’? After all those years, viewers never did find out his actual field of expertise. During the course of the series, his favorite fallback was to claim he was an architect. He also posed as a real estate salesman, a baseball executive, a sitcom writer, a hand model, a parking valet, the junior vice president of a company and a marine biologist. Might someone on your team be practicing the George Costanza school of thinking? In their excitement and enthusiasm to tell their story do they become more and more animated? No matter what assignment comes up, are they ready and eager to accept it? Do they claim to be able to help anyone with just about anything? Be careful! If you are muddying up the waters, so to speak, your prospects and clients will be left with questions and doubts. You may have dumb luck and get a sale now and then, but never the lion’s share you deserve. That’s because people do business with people – just not with people who are constantly changing their story and making claims. ‘Jerry just remember, it’s not a lie if you believe it.” George Costanza. If you’d like a quick chuckle, check out this episode where George explains his dumb luck while pretending to be a marine biologist.

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