It's time to drop the ineffective actions

...turn counter clockwise three times, jump up and down twice and sleep with a wooden spoon under your pillow, it will snow. Crazy? Yes. Did my youngest believe it could work and schools would be closed the next day if he did this? Yes. Even after it didn't work the first few times, his friends were doing it so he kept trying. What crazy sales behaviors might your team be practicing? Are they convinced these will work eventually even though they aren't working yet? Do they continue because they have always done it that way and been successful? It's time to be honest. And time to get serious. Deep down we all know what we need to be doing more of, less of and differently. So, why aren't we? Decide what really needs your attention then use your time, energy and resources there. The right behaviors with the right focus and for the right reasons yield the greatest results. No more crazy ineffective actions and metrics. First quarter is history; it's time to adjust and re‑focus. Is it also time to get your team some help?

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