Getting ready for Spring

Happy Spring. My sister who is a master gardener recently visited and as we talked about my gardens several parallels to business growth kept occurring.

Is it time to amend the status quo?

Even garden beds with the best soil become compacted and stagnant over time. Tilling the soil breathes new life into plant roots, allows for closer inspection and early detection of hidden issues. What should we do more of, less of or differently to ensure that our teams remain dynamic solutions providers? What expectations do we have and how might we better reward the team so they continually bubble up new opportunities?

How might we enrich client experiences and relationships?

Once tilled, the best way to ensure new growth is through enrichment. Typically this means adding compost and fertilizers. What might we do today to enrich our clients' businesses? Are there additional recommendations or objective insights we can share? How might we create and share more ideas with clients? Are your products seen as commodities? If so, what else might you do to differentiate yourself and win more orders?

Are we doing enough to protect future growth?

Applying mulch provides a layer of protection, keeps out the cold and thwarts weeds. The wolf, aka, competition, is always at the door wanting the business we're getting and staff we employ. Are we consistently meeting expectations? Should we survey our clients and employees more often to get candid feedback? How might it help if more clients knew our executive team and had direct access to them? How proactively are we communicating?

Second quarter is starting. Now is the time to cultivate growth in your business, focus on the areas with greatest potential and weed out the undesirable. Don't wait. The slower months of Summer are right around the corner, be ready.

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