Don't be eaten by the whale!

It's tempting isn't it? Heck, it's even strategic. To spend your time making sure that your best accounts are well cared for. Might you be over‑serving? Sellers beware. There's a saying that if you aren't paying attention, your 'whale' client may eat you. Many sellers can easily relate to this as they find themselves spending the majority of their time on their largest accounts. Five warning signs that how you serve some clients may be doing more overall harm than good: 1) A seller spends more than 20% of their time servicing one account 2) 1‑4 accounts make up more than 50% of the company's total revenues 3) Losing one or two accounts would have significant negative impact; those revenues wouldn't be quickly replaced 4) Sellers servicing these accounts are spending less time developing new business 5) Sellers are becoming more reactive than proactive Another word for over‑serving is babysitting. Successful sellers aren't sitters. What should you do? That depends on various factors. A good first step would be to get objective feedback, advice and help. Are you ready to listen and adjust?

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