Got the grit to go up against the big guys?

It’s March Madness and that always makes me think of Gonzaga. A school I had never heard of, that catapulted into the national limelight seemingly overnight.

How many of those players do you think believed they’d have the opportunity to play Duke during their college careers?

Watching these games is thrilling. You can feel the intensity, heart and determination of each player even though you’re not physically there. The underdog wins, top dogs get unseated, brackets get busted and dreams come true.

Speaking of dreams, is your team digging in practicing daily drills and doing everything possible to win business from your dream clients? To ensure they get the chance to compete, coach them to:

Start connecting with your dream clients now. The first time you compete for their business you may not win, but you will meet the people who make decisions. You also get the chance to begin building your case and prove value. Change their thinking from ‘who are these guys?’ to ‘wow, these guys are a solid option’.

Move up in the rankings. Keep connecting. Create opportunities to deepen the relationship. Share specific examples of how you’ve tailored solutions for others. Show them how you would do the same for them to get them what they want.

Even when you can’t seem to get ahead keep working to unseat the competition. Persevere even when the odds aren’t in your favor. Be professionally diligent. There will come a time when the opponent takes their eye off the ball and you’ll be able to take a shot. Be ready.

Small or big, known or unknown, favored or not favored, tell your story with pride and confidence. You have every bit as much right to win as anyone else.

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