What will your team accomplish?

We are halfway through the first quarter. Time is flying by. Hitting your goals for the rest of the year hinges on what happens by the end of February. Knowing that, what might you tweak, do more of, less of or differently?

Huddle with your team and brainstorm what you might do this week and next. Here are a few topics as thought starters; adjust the suggested numbers to best suit you.

Ask your team what they would do, other than deep discounting, and/or what they need in order to secure contracts equaling 40% of their 2016 calendar goal by 2/29?

Take a look at the successes you’ve realized thus far and determine how you might duplicate those with 10 other clients. Or, how those might lead to longer term or multi-year contracts.

How might you free up the executive team so they are able to meet with 10 clients each in the next two weeks? Client conversations shift and become more targeted with executives present. What should be the focus of those conversations?

Review what products are generating the most interest and which aren’t. How might you use one as a ‘loss leader’ to attract more sales of the other? How might you use that knowledge as a door opener with an ideal prospect?

How might your team gain 30 introductions by February 29th? How many people would they need to ask in order to net 30?

You get the idea. Ask the team and involve them in the solution for best results. Your success depends on them.

Teams who secure 40% of their annual goal by the end of February are 90% more likely to reach 100% of their annual goal by the end of October.

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