The Power Of Belief In Action

The story of Christmas is a powerful reminder of the importance of living out loud what you believe. It has also given me strength in conducting business through the years, two examples how are explained below.

Belief gives us the courage to work though our doubts and negative self-talk - to move forward boldly and with confidence even through the most difficult of times.

Mary was 14 years old, planning her wedding to Joseph when she was told she was already pregnant with God's child. In those times women who became pregnant outside of wedlock were stoned to death. Talk about overcoming fear and adversity! By remaining true to her core beliefs and not wavering in the face of life-threatening obstacles Mary gave us a lasting example of how we are capable of doing great things, no matter the odds.

Always doing the right thing may not make you popular but it will always make you stand out, for the best of reasons.

Women in that time who were in Mary's condition went into hiding; others did not accept them into their homes. When Mary went to visit her cousin, Elizabeth, she did so in broad daylight. Others would have scolded Mary, asking her to leave their doorstep before any of their neighbors saw her there. Elizabeth openly welcomed Mary and aligned herself with her in faith. From that greeting came The Magnificat and what is now known as the prayer 'Hail Mary'. When most turned her away, Mary sought out the few who would be of help and support, those who understood all that would be accomplished through her. Mary is perseverance personified. If Mary could remain this focused and dedicated, hold her head high through one rejection after another and emerge so victoriously, certainly we can do the same and adopt the right perspective - we are simply business people discussing whether it makes sense to do business with one another.

Merry Christmas! Peace, love, good health, joy and happiness to you and yours always!


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