Was John Lennon on to something?

Imagine all the people (prospects/clients)…

thinking and picturing future situations, possibilities and how they may create global impact!

Isn’t that exactly what we desire: that our sellers be able to have profound discussions with prospects and clients asking pointed questions to get them thinking about the potential they could either realize one day or miss altogether?

Imagine all the sellers…

Having impactful conversations.

Probing and listening to uncover their clients’ key issues and roadblocks, both real and perceived.

Demonstrating that they ‘get it’ by making suggestions to work around and through those barriers even if it means using another provider.

Using third-party stories to illustrate your company’s experiences in dealing with similar issues thus positioning you as a solutions provider others have turned to.

Painting a picture of what the future could look like, what they would be experiencing and how those positive results would impact them both professionally and personally.

Moving prospects to action and then working with them to achieve continued growth and success.

You may say that I’m a dreamer…

but I can imagine a day when your team is comfortably doing all of the above.

I hope some day you’ll join me…

in making this dream a reality. Can you imagine the results?

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