7 Steps to Productivity

Need your team to be more productive? Do these seven things and then get them to do the same.


Know what needs to be done, why those are the important items and how often you need to do them. Once decided, stick to the plan for at least 90 days. Commitment and focus are essential elements of sustainable success.


Practice, seek the help you need, utilize your resources. Preparation equals confidence and people are attracted to and want to hang around others who are confident. No one has all the answers, but the savvy know where to turn to get them. Be ready.

Show Up

When you walked through the door a few minutes early this morning you signaled to the team that you were ready, willing and able to do what was needed. Prove it. They'll follow your lead.

Do the Work

No excuses. No procrastination. You know what needs to be done, so go do it. Stay focused on the priorities you've established so the team stays focused as well.

Have mini celebrations

Define and then celebrate success milestones so the work remains meaningful and the team experiences small victories along the way to reaching that big hairy audacious goal.


The most successful people take time off, regularly. When you're exhausted your team will slow down. To stay energized and keep the team motivated and engaged you need to give yourself and them regular breaks from the action.


Begin at the beginning again and again. Tweak where necessary but continue the behaviors that have proven to produce results. This isn't mundane; it's deliberate. That's smart business.

The thoughts, tips and articles shared here are designed to help you realize the growth you deserve.

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