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Working at all levels of organizations - from C-level to street level – Sharon Day’s no BS approach has helped her clients focus their teams, shorten sales cycles and increase revenues.


Sharon has succeeded for over 25 years in the realms of sales, executive coaching and management. She brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and insight on how to overcome both real and perceived obstacles to performance and growth. Her expertise manifests itself most clearly in her ability to help organizations repeatedly generate new revenues while simultaneously growing business from existing customers.   Her approach is strategic and deliberate.

Sharon Day’s speaking experience:


  • TedX Salon, Greenville, September, 2016

  • Successful Entrepreneurship, Greenville, Fall 2014, Spring and Fall 2015, Spring, 2016

  • Successful Entrepreneurship, Asheville, Spring, 2016

  • Commerce Club Executive Speaker Series

  • Clemson MBA Entrepreneurship classes

  • Clemson S.E.E.D. Course

  • Greenville Business Magazine's Greenville Connect series

  • Junior Achievement Ethics Event, 2014 and 2015, asked to return 2016

  • Junior Achievement Titan Event 2016

  • Several corporate annual meetings including Keenan Suggs Insurance,

  • packIQ Manufacturing, Young Office Supply, Hailide America

Where Sharon is speaking next:

"Last night was a dream night for us all with Successful Entrepreneurship.  The crowd there was huge. Biggest we've ever had.  The energy in the room was crazy.  And you were so prepared, polished, and delivered a knock out performance. The attention and interaction in that room was incredible.  I love it.  God bless you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
 - Leighton Cubbage, Chairman of the Board
Founder, Successful Entrepreneurship Series

You can catch Sharon at the Clemson University, Arthur M Spiro, Entrepreneurial Leadership - SPIRO SESSIONS, beginning August 9th.  Registration is required.