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Welcome to Sales Activation Group

You’re not in business to stand still, make meager profits and wait around for a competitor to kick you in your bottom line.


You want to make money, make a difference and stay relevant.


Good.  Because that’s what we help you do.


Working with you we customize our approach to ensure your team:  produces better qualified leads, sells more effectively and efficiently, and stays motivated to continue to do so.

Without the right people doing the right things for the right reasons, a sales team spends their time playing chase.  A qualified buyer who believes in your value proposition and wants to work with you is priceless.  How we increase opportunities.


How well do your teams establish value around what they’re selling? How well can they read and respond to their prospects?Educating them properly
will greatly increase their productivity.  How we impact learning. 


The sales teams with the best ideas and solutions always walk away with the biggest shares of business. Our creativity, contesting and targeted sales promotions have resulted in lift for many of our clients. How we drive results.